We offer Team building opportunities for organizations as well as welcome participation from schools, businesses and individuals that are skilled or just want to lend a hand.

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Volunteers helping to build a house for a family in need.


1.  Team building volunteer event

2. Construction

3. Painting

4. Landscaping

5. General Site Clean up

6. Field Management Assistance

7. General Contractor

8. Restoration specialist

9. other


Office Operations

1. Reception

2. Client introduction

3. Filing/Bookkeeping

4. Grant writing

5. Development

6. IT Specialist

7. Writer/Editor

8. Restoration specialist

9. other


Committee-Advisory Board

1. Fundraising

2. Community relations

3. Special Events

4. Design/Architecture

5. Annual Fundraiser (Show-house)

6. “Preservation Tacoma”


Corporate team-building

HCNW brings training, services and opportunity to communities throughout the Pacific NorthWest. Partner with community centers, businesses to offer team building opportunities and volunteer programs for training, community service and community development.



Tacoma Washington is rich with culture, history, archaeological resources, and historic architecture. From the earliest Native American inhabitants to waves of immigrants from around the world, many peoples contributed to Tacoma’s cultural landscapes and the city that we live in today. In Partnership with the City of Tacoma, the Homeownership Center strives to preserve this legacy. Ranging in age from the 1870s through 1940, landmark buildings and properties are scattered throughout the city, and represent a wide variety of perspectives, architectural design, and local history.

The Homeownership Center is partnering with local organizations to restore derelict homes and properties to present them as renovated examples of architecture that makes Tacoma unique, and offer to the community as efficient, sustainable, affordable housing opportunities.

We welcome all volunteers!

If you would like to volunteer for any of the positions listed above, or to be updated on our Volunteer and Donation opportunities, please click HERE to fill-out our Contact Form.

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