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Evergreen Program

Often moderate/low income households do not earn enough income to obtain a sufficient mortgage to purchase a home.

Frequently there are credit issues or employment stability issues that stand in the way of securing that needed home mortgage.

A common barrier to homeownership is not having enough money saved for the down payment and closing costs.

The Homeownership Center of Tacoma has a long history of helping first-time, low/moderate income households buy their first home. We have assistance available to overcome many of the common barriers to affordable homeownership

The EVERGREEN program assists households with one-on-one counseling and an "as-needed" second mortgage, in the amount up to program limits, which is interest free and requires no monthly payments. This enables the monthly mortgage payment to be affordable since the payment is based on income.




The down payment and closing costs required in traditional home buying transactions is greatly reduced. The HCT EVERGREEN program requires a down payment of only $1,000.

The remaining closing costs are covered by a special HCT 3rd mortgage loan which is forgiven at the rate of 20% each year during the first 5 years of ownership (except for approximately $350 for homeowners insurance). 

To be eligible to purchase a home in the EVERGREEN program, households must have incomes below the 80% AMI (Area Mean Income) for Pierce County adjusted for family size (please see income limit chart) and meet other credit criteria. 




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